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Perforated mesh screen

Date : 2021-02-10 Hot : 135

Perforated mesh screen

The house consists of two interconnected spaces; a long exposed concrete box extending into a reflection pool, and a high vertical rendering structure.

The simple form and finishes of the building are typical of kedem's many projects in Tel Aviv, including a house with louvered strips of similar geometric patterns and a screen surrounded by traditional grilles. 

 The net structure twists and turns throughout the house, as if it were sketching out a series of outlines "Sometimes, it is ethereal, allowing light and air to enter space. 


At the entrance, the screen provides a partial view of the house, which extends towards the back of the lot and passes through the rendered wall that contains the front door. 

Inside the house, perforated patterns are repeated in the elements, including black painted balustrades that separate the kitchen from the stairs with cantilevered pedals.


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